Cease-fire in El Guerguerat: Morocco distorts facts to cover its violations

Sahrawi Foreign Ministry accused on Friday Morocco of distortion of facts to cover its violations of cease-fire in El Guerguerat, south-western Western Sahara. 

“The language and positions used by the Moroccan occupier are all based on untruth and falsification,” said the Sahrawi Ministry in a statement, recalling that “Morocco acts and communicates as if Western Sahara is part of its national territory, while this is a clear lie and a well-known frame-up to the international community.”

“The Moroccan presence in the lands of the Sahrawi Republic is classified by the UN General Assembly as an occupation in accordance with UN resolutions (34/37 in 1979 and 19/35 in 1980), as well as the opinions of the International Court of Justice in 1975 and the European Court of Justice in 1975 and 2016 and the legal opinions of the United Nations in 2002 and the African Union (AU) in 2015,” added the same source.

He said that the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs “explicitly denigrates the UN Secretary General and said in an official statement on his behalf that the front refused mediation by him, which is an untruth, especially since he reacted by the same when he mentioned that the Mauritanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has interposed itself between the parties, although this is unfounded.”

The continued occupation of important parts of the Sahrawi Republic by Morocco is explained by the obvious complicity within the Security Council with the occupier, noted the Sahrawi Ministry, stressing that this sordid complicity, which is the opposite of international legality, is an attempt, for the past two years, aimed at attacking the legal nature of the Saharawi cause as a cause of decolonization that can only be resolved through the exercise by the Sahrawi people of their inalienable and unalienable right to self-determination and independence.

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