Frente POLISARIO affirms that Morocco has failed any opportunity for a peaceful and lasting solution to the Saharawi question

The Frente POLISARIO said that the attack on Sahrawi civilians in El Garguerat, Morocco has seriously undermined not only the ceasefire and related military agreements, but also any opportunity for a peaceful and lasting solution to the problem of decolonization in Western Sahara. .

The Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO in a letter to UNSC, Antonio Guterres, said that the flagrant violation of the ceasefire and the brutal act of aggression against unarmed Sahrawi civilians who were peacefully demonstrating in the Guerguerat region in the southwest of Western Sahara, have had to be rejected in the strongest terms of condemnation both by the United Nations and by the Security Council.

It is no coincidence that this military action takes place on the eve of the contact scheduled for today between the Secretary General of the United Nations and the POLISARIO, says the POLISARIO and underlines that the operation is a deliberate act of aggression with the aim of spoiling the efforts of the UN aimed at defusing the tension and calming the situation in Guerguerat.

In this sense, it fully holds Morocco responsible for the consequences of its military operation and calls on the UN to intervene to put an end to this aggression against the Saharawi people and their homeland.

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