On Western Sahara For UN Guterres #DoojDelivers Apology Morocco Wants More

On Western Sahara, Inner City Press has repeatedly asked UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, his spokesmen and now Communications chief Melissa Flemingabout sexual harassment charges against his representative Colin Stewart, which it has exclusively reported as credited here and even here

 Guterres has refused to answer, and on August 30, 2019 denied Inner City Press access to the UNGA week he let dozens of Moroccan state media into as he and Fleming continue the ban on Inner City Press supported by a frivolous complaint filed against Inner City Press’ coverage from the UN Security Council stakeout. On Sept 16, see “prayer” video here.

  On December 23 Guterres’ Franco-spokesman Stephane Dujarric promoted in advance that he would speak about MINURSO at noon. But it was not to name a replacement of Horst Kohler. Instead, it was to in essence apologize to Morocco for two UN military observersbriefly visiting a POLISARIO meeting. Video here

  Now on December 25, Sahara News gloats about Dujarric’s craven apology like a Christmas gift, but wants more and will probably get it from the corrupt and colonial administration of Antonio “The Censor” Guterres: “A UN spokesperson was barely convincing when he tried to justify the presence of two MINURSO peacekeepers, on Wednesday, December 19, during the opening of the Polisario’s pseudi- congress held in Tifariti, a demilitarized zone east of the Moroccan security wall. [Dujarric will give more, when he is finished with his Yule log.]He just said that the two UN peacekeepers “left shortly” and “returned to their team’s site”. But photos published by news outlets showed that the two MINURSO observers, a woman and a man, were sitting amidst the congress participants.  Pending further details on this issue, observers in Morocco say this shows clearly the partiality of the MINURSO as it was demonstrated by the case of military observers who were filmed few years ago in a tent in the Tindouf camps, giving advice to Polisario militias on guerilla techniques.  On April 23, 2013, a video posted in YouTube, showed UN military peacekeepers inside a tent, inciting young Sahrawis in Tindouf to rebel against Moroccan law enforcement in Western Sahara.  One of these UN peacekeepers was Egyptian Hany Mustapha, who was filmed by a Sahrawi using a mobile phone. A month later, the Egyptian blue-helmet was fired discretely by the MINURSO command.” DoojDelivers, one of Inner City Press’ new series for 2020, until it ends. 

  This is just another example of #DoojDelivers, as he also did for Saudi state media on December 24, helping provide a fig leaf the the scam trial for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. For corrupt Antonio Guterres, #DoojDelivers. We will track this in 2020.

  Now more evidence for European hypocrisy this time from Spain: Spanish shipper Rodman has been selling military vessels as civilian ships in an effort to avoid arms exports controls. Many of these ships were sent to the Moroccan navy between 2007 and 2010, for use in fishing grounds in Western Sahara.  These Rodman 101s are assumed to have been exported as “naval vessels” or “naval rescue” vessels, although they are equipped with a 12.7mm machine gun. According to Spanish and European legislation vessels with military equipment are subject to special procedures when exported.  Rodman did not respond to Spanish newspaper El Diario’s request for comment.  The sales of these vessels to Morocco are not reflected in the records of military export with the Spanish Ministry of State for Trade, nor in the data of the tax authority.  Records show that only “maritime or rescue ships” were provided to Morocco. What a scam.

source: Inner City Press

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